Welcome to our Svalbard tour in May 2021

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May 12 – 20 2021.


Welcome to our Svalbard tour in May 2021.
The early summer season is a truly unique month, when the sky is bright yet the landscape remains covered in snow and ice.

Svalbard changes rapidly at this time of the year

The drift ice and fjord ice melts, forcing the wildlife to follow.
We will also meet flocks of birds migrating northwards.
By May there is already constant light from the midnight sun.
The light will be harsh if the sky is clear in the daytime, but the sun is lower in the sky during the night.
Clouds will lower the impact from the sunlight and create different patterns and possibilities for pictures.
Nights can still be very cold and it’s possible to see wildlife resting and hunting on the ice-covered fjords.
In this bright winter-like environment, you can experience wildlife encounters in picture-perfect icy conditions by joining our Svalbard photo expedition.
Our wildlife expeditions are the ultimate in polar exploration at any time of year, but in May the light conditions combined with snow and ice covered landscapes create some iconic photo opportunities.

Nature in the High Arctic constantly changes

On Svalbard, every day is different, and every year is different.

The Norwegian-owned company Arctic Wildlife Tours leads this Svalbard tour

a remote area we know and love.
That’s important, because this is a land where your guides must know how to handle the constantly-changing weather conditions, drift ice, and wildlife on the move 24 hours a day.
The expedition ship  is a ship well-suited to polar explorations.
Our Norwegian and Swedish guides that will lead the trip together with experienced crew members all speak excellent English and have long experience hiking and exploring Svalbard.
Wondering what to expect.
Please get in touch for more information and to talk about what you can expect.
Also, you can read about some of our previous trips on our  Dates: May 12 – 20 2021 Duration: 8 nights Embark: Longyearbyen, May 12 16:00 Disembark: Longyearbyen, May 20 09:00 Superior cabin, private facilities,2 spots available in shared cabin NOK 70 500,- pr.
pax  Double cabins, private facilities,0  Double cabins, shared facilities, 0  available in shared cabin NOK 57 500,- pr.
pax This photo tour and itinerary will be planned in accordance with prevailing weather and ice conditions.
Normally we will still have the drift ice close in May and where we can sail will be a decision made from the ice situation.
We will have two alternative routes, either to the vest and north or to the south and east.
In May the areas that is accessible probably will be more limited than later in summer.
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