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Updated Information on Covid-19 **Updated 7/10/2020** Effective immediately all Bluebird Tour Program trips through December 31st have been postponed.
Over the past month many states have entered into Phase III of reopening due to COVID-19 numbers reducing.
However, over the past week we have seen states start to retract these decisions as COVID-19 cases have begun to rise again.
Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19,and in order to ensure the safety of our participants, .

All Bluebird Tour trips through the remainder of 2020 have been postponed

This includes overnight trips.
CDC guidance recommends that older adults take everyday precautions to keep thems elves safe, to include washing your hands often, avoiding crowds – especially in poor ventilated areas, staying away from others who are sick, and avoiding non-essential travel.
For those participants who have already been charged for trips, .

Quality Tours has issued an automatic credit for a tour of your choosing in the future

However, If you desire a refund instead, .

Quality will be issuing refunds to those participants who write in or e-mail to request

Due to the nature of these refunds it is important that Quality has a written/e-mail request from participants to ensure disbursement.
Refunds will be issued by check and all participants who have already written in are scheduled to receive their refund by check in the coming weeks.
Additionally, a revised tour schedule for tours starting in 2021 will be posted at a later date.
For more information about how to prevent the spread of germs and respiratory diseases, please visit

If you have any general questions regarding the Novel Coronavirus

you can call 1-877-ASK-VDH3 Open gallery slider SEE FULL GALLERY DC Trails’ Bluebird Senior Tours bus Martin Luther King Jr.
Memorial in Washington, DC.

DC Trails’ Bluebird Senior Tour takes you to the White House in Washington

See the Washington Monument and more with DC Trails.
We ask that you issue a check for each tour booked and indicate the date of the tour on each check.
If you pay by cash, you must present the exact amount.
Payment can also be made by credit card .
Trip money will be accepted as soon as the reservation has been confirmed.
Please refer to the Bluebird Tour Program Policy Manual for full details of the policies governing the Bluebird Program.
Bluebird Policy Manual.

The current Bluebird policy manual is online at

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of important information  concerning your Bluebird experience.
Payment Policy.
Payments for trips are due within two weeks of making the reservation.
Check, exact cash, money order or credit card is accepted.
If you do not make your payment within those two weeks your name can be dropped from the reservation list without notice.
Receipts for payments can be emailed.
When making your payment, request a receipt by providing an active email address .
If you don’t have email, request a confirmation be mailed.
Refund & Cancellations.
If you need to cancel your reservation, please call Quality Tour Transportation and speak with one of the agents handling the Bluebird Tour program.
All cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of $5.00 for day trips and $10.00 for overnight trips.
A refund will only be given if there is someone on the “standby list” to take your space.
Trip cancellation insurance is available only for the overnight tours and it is highly suggested Trip Cancellation Insurance.
However, .

Insurance is available through AIG Travel Guard and is available for everyone

Rates are based on the cost of the tour and your age.
The insurance provides trip cancellation coverage, trip interruption coverage, baggage up to $500, emergency accident/sickness medical expenses up to $2,500, and emergency evacuation repatriation of remains up to $25,000.
The insurance must be paid for with your first deposit or payment on the trip.
The cost will be provided on request.
5 3 Bluebird Senior Tours Amy N.
The guides were informed and friendly.
Both should be commended and our family will recommend to family and friends visiting.
Brenda M.
I enjoyed this tour so much.
The guide was very knowledgeable in DC history and was able to answer all of our questions.
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From June 15 Italy will open to all countries

Notice for our travelers.
Notice for our travelers.

June 28th Europe Plans to Bar Most U

The European Union will allow outsiders to begin entering again on July 1 but ready to bar most travelers from the United States, Russia, and dozens of other countries considered too risky because they have not controlled the corona virus outbreak, E.
officials said Friday june 26th June 15th Updates to Our Booking Policies, our safety & hygiene protocols, offer of small private groups tour.
We want to inform that of course for the unpredictable and unprecedented  times we canceled all our guided tour till end of June and postponed all self guided until end of July Italy was under a strictly lock down and we open our bans on June 15th – but still we think is too early to be relaxed and confident.  Us residente are not yet allowed, it is expected that these restriction will be lifted on July 1st.
ANYWAY WE ARE HER FOR YOU WHEN YOU feel is the right moment to plans you a cycling vacation.
In fact cycling, being outdoors and naturally socially distanced, is genetically  safer than other types of activities and modes of travel right now.
We focus on biking in wide open beautiful spaces, far from crowds and more off the beaten path.
We plan to further reduce risk by being smart and modifying our operations.
First of all: we provide self guided and those trips are all private, so this will the strongly suggested way to travel for this fall and in 2021 Also we offer guided tour – for this summer we are capping our tours with a maximum group size of 4-8 guests We will opt the outdoor spaces as much as possible.
We will make available hand sanitizers for our customers, in the van, at  bike fitting meeting and during any guided day trip or tour.
Read more about the new Safety Rules & Terms   Cicloposse team June 3rd Here we are: officially  open.

From today in Italy the borders  are open between regions and between  European counties

From June 15 Italy will open to all countries.
We set up our safety and hygiene protocol.
We changed our cancellation policy  – especially for tour in 2020.
2021 departures date are live on line Traveling This fall – 2020 These are definitely unusual times, so unexpected and overwhelming, we totally understand that travel is a personal decision, and many of us doesn’t feel safe and confident yet.
Be aware our self guided bike tours are very well–suited to the post covid-19 times.
First of all you are on your own with your beloved,  your best friends or family, our tours are in the countryside, we use mostly small hotels.
And of course we have the hygiene and safety protocol.
In case you  want to cancel or postpone to next year or book a cycling vacation we are here to help you Hear and See you soon General manager, Giuliana Mulas May 18  Re-open Phase.
Dearest  all From Today Monday, May 18 we are allowed to open. Shops and restaurants across Italy are preparing to re-open under strict social distancing and hygiene rules, as recommended by health authorities.
But we can move only inside our region.
That means we keep going as before to be available by e-mail and telephone – we do not expect anyone coming at our workshop.
We are also preparing our hygiene protocol and sanitizing to be ready by June 3rd, .

When travel bans will be lifted between Italian regions and European Union countries

A ban on travel and abroad will remain in place until after Italy’s June 2 Republic Day holiday, preventing any mass travel over that long holiday weekend.
So next update will be by June 3rd, in meantime we are getting in shape, cycling, sanitizing our workshop and  our equipment, and scheduling tours  departure for 2021.
Have a nice week General manager, Giuliana Mulas May 11 Phase two.

After 8 weeks of strict lock down all over Italy

this week starting may 4th we are slowly coming back to open.
Step by step, always monitoring the situation.
We are allowed to do outdoor exercise  and cycling even if we have to stay in our region and keep social distancing.
Nonetheless we are all overjoyed and grateful.
We know all of us can’t wait to travel again, but need more time to declare travel is safe and confident.
We can dream and be positive about future bike trips.
We have never stopped working on cycling adventures.
Thank to all of you who couldn’t come during these weeks and postponed the trips.
All booking for September and October are still valid – hopefully we will see you in the fall or next season.
Officially we can’t  open – t we keep going in smart working to reply and stay connected  with customers, preparing our hygiene protocol for future (e publish soon our vademecum) Be safe & stay Human April  9th  First of all  we would like to wish all our customers and  readers, their families and communities, a safe and healthy few months ahead as we all come to terms with the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus.
There is no escaping the events of the past few months and the measures we are now having to take to ensure the safety of us all.
We are proud how our country react fast to slowdown the virus spreading, the lock down and shelter in place are giving result.
The big first result:  is now a week we have less patients who need intense care unit.

Italy starts to think to next phase

but it will be slow and we hope step by step under control.
We need to focus on staying positive and the riding & travelling  will again be possible at some point – hopefully in the near future.
No space for predictions, it will depend on multiple factors.
We are a family business, and we can financially  survive more than one year.

Even if we passed  9/11 and economical crisis the COVID-19 ‘s impact is much greater

We are grateful now we kept our business always small, because we wanted it, as a choice.
This  give us the  resilience to get through these difficult times We totally changed our cancellation policy All tours in April and May have been cancelled and all tours booked in 2020 can be postponed till one week before with no penalties.
At the moment we have only some booking deposits – this deposit will be valid   at least 2 years, is not personal and price of the tours will be honoured.

Be safe March 18 2020 Since the last note

4 days ago situation is changed quickly.
Europe closed all borders and many countries are  in lock down, included France and Spain our neighbours, definitely Europe is now the epicentre.
Plus, measures for containing the  spread of COVID-19 are taken in many US states from Governors.
We are in  touch in customers from all over the world, and thank for your kind words and sustain so far.

It is finally clear to the rest of the world this is not an Italy (or China) problem

BUT is a global one.
Entire Italy started Quarantine 9 days ago,  we had only some red zones (isolated and in Quarantine) in north of Italy before.
To see results  need to wait, experts say at least 2 weeks.
There are some positive news: more people is recovered but spread is still going.

We encourage to check news and all info at  WHO web site

Protect yourself We are fully available, from our home, to reply to all your questions Be safe Giuliana  March 14 2020 Dears in few days the situation changed a lot.

WHO declare the Corona virus is pandemic and now the center is Europe

Other countries are taking measures as WHO strongly suggest. Anyway not lockdown like italy.
The impact of Virus goes far beyond the persons infected.
For sure the hardest hit industries are travel and tourism and we are no exception.
Many of you have been very understanding so far,  we  are re-scheduling your tours.
this allow us to get through this period with minimal implications for our team and partners.
SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS are applied until the end of this emergency.
As the situation is changing so fast be aware we can modify the travel plans accordingly.
Any of our self guided tours give freedom to choose departure date – without restrictions.
Booking deposit and any travel credit does not expire, if you feel more comfortable to not schedule now and think about next year.
Let’s see how the situation evolves.
AGAIN: we advise to follow reliable information from The Worl Health Organization and official government travel advisory for your destination.
We keep going to work and be ready for the coming summer, we are smart working from home.
Giuliana Mulas, Founder & general Manager March 11 2020   Hello dear Customers.

Probably you know what’s happening in Italy

from March 9 we are under extraordinary lockdown, in all the country.
At least until 3 of April, and after we will see what happens.
So we shut down, .

And is not possible travel in Italy

We couldn’t control this, in all Italy, mostly in the north where the virus is strong, hospitals are full and near to collapse, we have to respect the measures and be responsible for everyone.
We are working from home and reply to all customers, especially people booked for spring.
We are re-scheduling tours booked in april and may – because we do not know if will be possible.
We are monitoring corona virus outbreak in Italy and outside the world – we follow guidance from our government and from WHO THE WORD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: “Spread of the virus can be slowed and impact reduced through the use of universally applicable actions, such as working across society to identify people who are sick, bringing them to care, following up on contacts, preparing hospitals and clinics to manage a surge in patients, and training health workers.
Every effort to contain the virus and slow the spread saves lives.
These efforts give health systems and all of society much needed time to prepare, and researchers more time to identify effective treatments and develop vaccines.
Allowing uncontrolled spread should not be a choice of any government, as it will harm not only the citizens of that country but affect other countries as well.  We must stop, contain, control, delay and reduce the impact of this virus at every opportunity.
Every person has the capacity to contribute, to protect themselves, to protect others, whether in the home, the community, the healthcare system, the workplace or the transport system.
“ We believe in what our country is doing despite the consequence in terms of economy.